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The Canada Organic logo gives you confidence that products adhere to strict Canadian Organic procedures and rules. That's why all Stonyfield products are certified organic.

  • Organic Farm – certified by Canada OrganicOrganic Farm – certified by Canada Organic
  • Yogourt With Live Active CulturesYogourt With Live Active Cultures
  • Organic fedOrganic fed

Organic 101


Getting the goods on organic is easy. Why? Because organic means being transparent about the choices that go into making the best possible products for people and the planet. We want our community to understand what organic is, what it isn’t, and how we see it shaping the future of food.

What Organic is not

Want to know what you aren’t paying for when you buy organic? When you see the Canada Organic logo, you’re not dropping dollars on foods made with ingredients such as artificial flavours, preservatives, or GMOs*.

We think that’s a pretty sweet deal.

So, what is organic?

Let’s start with the farmers. Why? Because farms are the hub, home, and heart of organic food.

Organic farmers take a systems-based approach to farming.  Meaning that instead of fighting nature, they work with nature to allow the soil, crops, pasture, and products to flourish and reach their full potential, organically. Organic farmers have a greater focus on building healthy soil, and utilize crop rotation, cover crops, and natural sources of fertility like compost or manure to enrich the land they farm on. This approach to farming can increase biodiversity and future farm health.

Organic cows are healthy cows and happy cows. Organic farmers ensure they have access to the outdoors: fresh air, sun and access to pasture are essential for their health, and it’s the right thing to do!

All of the fruits and veggies in Stonyfield Organic yogourt are also certified organic.



*Not made with genetically engineered ingredients, like all organic products.

Organic farmers start by using a combination of farming practices that deter pests. These include crop rotation, starting with pest resistant plant varieties and introducing beneficial organisms like ladybugs that don’t harm the crops while munching away at unwanted critters.

If organic farmers do need to control pests further, they can use a small number of substances that don’t have harmful effects on people or the environment and that don’t persist in our soil, water or air. These natural pesticides, like paper mulch, hydrated lime, plant extracts, oils and preparations, are approved by the Government of Canada, Standards Council of Canada.

Stonyfield organic yogourts produced in Canada are made with 100% Canadian organic milk from Canadian organic dairy farms.

Choosing certified organic foods is a way to guarantee avoidance of GMOs. Canadian organic standards prohibit the use of genetically engineered ingredients in seeds, in animal feed, and in the ingredients of organic products.